Board of Directors

Our bylaws stipulate that the majority of our Board members be the parents of children enrolled in our programs. It’s a great formula for keeping everybody’s children our top priority… but we need parents to make it work. Stepping Stones is an incredibly diverse organization with many business, financial, marketing, and regulatory needs. We also welcome the love, care, and consideration that parents provide. Please contact to learn how you might be considered for any future Board openings.


2016 Board Members
Leslie Craven, President
Tracey Himrod, Vice President 
Matt Milanovich, Treasurer
Melanie Radi, Secretary
Jen Barbati
Kate King
Laurie Maietta
Kristen Puhlman
Corrine Satriano
Joseph Vincent
Craig Wenskovitch
Kristen Wenskovitch
Beth Sarver, Executive Director
Strategic Plan (2012-2015)
By the end of this Strategic Plan in 2015, Stepping Stones will recognize it's 35th Anniversary.  This important milestone will be celebrated with pride!
Strategic Priority #1
Maintain and strengthen financial stability.

Strategic Priority #2
Increase exposure of Stepping Stones Children's Center to internal and external stakeholders.
Strategic Priority #3
Attract, develop and retain excellent staff.

Strategic Priority #4
Provide world-class education programs that support the total development of children.

Strategic Priority #5

Develop a solid personnel infrastructure and implement succession planning.