Employment Opportunities


Dedication, Loyalty, Staff Retention
At Stepping Stones our children experience a loving and supportive atmosphere made possible by our well qualified and caring staff.  Many of our staff are parents and grandparents and all are able to recognize, understand, and provide the highest level of care to our children.  The staff of Stepping Stones dedicates their time and expertise to the growth and development of our children.  Once staff join the Stepping Stone's family, chances are they will stay!  33% of our staff members have worked for Stepping Stones for 8 or more years!  With our loyal staff, we provide consistency and stability for our children. 

Our staff dedicate their time to professional development in the field of Education through trainings and workshops.  Staff meet the training standards set by NAEYC and Keystone STARS, have current certification in Pediatric CPR and First Aid, and participate in the annual review of our Emergency Operations Plan.  During the 2010-2011 school year, our staff participated in a total of 1,319 hours of professional development trainings.  This averages out to approximately 36 hours of professional development annually per employee!  Four employees are enrolled in or have completed their Masters level course work, 15 have their Bachelor's Degree, 2 hold Associates Degrees, 9 have received their CDA's (Child Development Associate), and 2 are enrolled in or have completed the Director's Credential program.  Our staff appreciate the importance of continuing professional development and are eager to continually learn and develop as professionals. 

Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio
Stepping Stones strives to meet or exceed NAEYC, STARS, and Department of Public Welfare requirements for staff-to-child ratios, offering more attention to each individual student's needs and learning styles.  We respect the important role that staff members play in the care and education of our children. 
Employment Requirements
Stepping Stones Children's Center provides individuals the opportunity to work with children ages 6 weeks through 12 years.  Interested individuals should demonstrate high levels of motivation, positive communication, creativity, and commitment to educating the young children in our care.  All potential employees must obtain FBI, Child Abuse, and Criminal Record Clearances as well as submit a health assessment, TB test, and drug screening.  Previous experience working with children and education background are preferred. 


 "We learn from children as much as children learn from us."

Stepping Stones Employee "Want Ad"

Wanted: Caregiver/Teacher

“Individual with early education background; loving; caring; out-going; silly; enjoys playing in mud, wet sand, and shaving cream; loves crawling around on hands and knees, meowing like a cat, or slithering like a snake; has a calm speaking voice; has eyes in the back of his/her head; changes wet pants or diapers with a smile; can do plumbing (broken, clogged toilets, etc.); reads endless stories with zest; can do manual labor (shoveling snow, hammering bookcases, fixing broken tables, bikes, and so on); creative; imaginative; fun; is able to hug a child who has a slimy runny nose and clean up vomit; artist; scientist; interior decorator; psychologist; mathematician; puts in long hours; enjoys parent contact on a regular basis, informally and formally; spends many an evening working on school projects, well into the wee hours of the morning; can do ten things at one time (calm a crying child, talk calmly to an upset parent, take a phone call); never tires of giving a hand, even when not asked; responsible for lives of young children all day; takes criticism with a smile; accountable for every word and action; does volunteer work; always busy; receives little benefits and annual salary, well let’s say that’s little too.  Your biggest reward—a young child smiles at you.” (From an article by Sandy Roberts entitled, “28 Fun Ideas to Motivate Your Staff”)